Some kind words about "We The People"

David Sears, WGBU - "Dominguez seems to have picked up Phil Och's torch.  He even sounds like him!"

Acoustic Live - "Lou tackles our inability to deal with our gun crisis, our imperfect justice system, veterans returning from war with post traumatic stress disorder, crazy Facebook rules and a few other current topics. His approach is simple and earnest ...... alot of food for thought here."

Blue Pie Records - "Lou's songs tell stories that are often inspiring, heartfelt and intriguing."

Debbie Brenner, Melody House Concerts - "A great storyteller in the folkie, Phil Ochs style." 

Julie Miller, CFLX "Lou's music is interesting and smart!"

David Hintz, Folk World - "This is good old-fashioned folk music clearly set in modern times". 

Bill Chambers, Bare Roots - “A true folksinger in the tradition of Woody and Phil and old-school Bob Dylan”